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Updated List of Championship Races 2019

No changes to races, just a correction to date of Creag Dhubh.








Stretton Hills




Howgills race




Mourne Highline, Ireland



Inter-Counties. (TBC)




Ras Y Meolwyn, Wales




Great Lakes Race




Black Fell




Creag Dhubh, Scotland




Grisedale Horseshoe





GPS devices for navigation

At a meeting in September, the FRA Executive Committee voted to introduce a new race category relating to the use of GPS devices for navigation.
This is not a cut and dried subject and throughout our discussions, the principles of fellrunning have been at the forefront of our thoughts. We have consulted extensively with our membership base and Race Organisers to arrive at the following position, which will form part of the FRA Requirements for Runners 2018 (the ‘Runners’ Rules’):
“If a race is classified ‘non-GPS’ (NG) then the use of any electronic device to delineate a route, to display current position on a map, or as a compass, will be prohibited. The use of such a device to display distance travelled, time, speed or altitude will be allowed, as will recording of an actual route for post-race analysis. If such a device is used in an emergency situation then that competitor should retire from the race and declare themselves non-competitive.”
For the avoidance of doubt, GPS is not allowed in FRA registered races in England unless the race is categorised as "G"; by the race organiser.
The Kit Requirements for FRA Races are further clarified in respect of the fact that maps must be on paper. A conventional compass must be carried in addition to this.
Happy running!
The FRA Committee

2019 Championship guaranteed entry application form

Applications close 31st December 2018
Please remember 
Automatic inclusion will include, counting in 2018:
  • the top 20 open men and top 10 open women from the previous year’s rankings
  • the top 5 men and women V40/45
  • the top 3 men and women of categories thereafter
  • All U23s

(these individuals should not apply)

Please only apply here if you have a strong case and evidence that you could be a medal contender for next year.
For further information click here

Eskdale Eureka - change of date to 25 November 2018

To avoid clashing with Hardmoors 26, the Eskdale Eureka race will now be on 25 November 2018

FRA Conference: Coaching Junior Fell Runners

The FRA is putting on a conference for coaches with the theme of 'Coaching Junior Fell Runners' on  17th November. Details and an application form are available here. Further details are available from


Grant Cunliffe of Rossendale Harriers has received a ban of nine (9) months from all FRA competition for running as an unregistered runner in a race (Kilnsey Show Fell Race 2018). This is a contravention of Rule 2 of the FRA Requirements for Runners and Rule 2c of the FRA Rules for Competition.The ban will be in force from 1st October 2018 until 30th June 2019.

2019 race registration

Registration for 2019 races has started - if any organiser hasn't received an email with the link to the form please let me know at

Thanks, Dave

FV65 Championship

It has been brought to the attention of the Championship and Rules sub-committees that there is an anomaly in the rules stated in the Handbook and The Fellrunner.
The Handbook lists FV65 as a 'main' veteran category in the Championships. The 'additional' categories of FV50 teams and MV60 teams do have the meaningful competition rules applied, but because FV65 is a 'main' and existing category, the competitiveness rule would not apply.
Apologies to all those involved.


The FRA AGM took place in Rossendale yesterday to decide on Committee matters and, as is traditional, hold a general discussion on fell running matters.
A number of new Committee appointments were made and we would like to thank retiring officers and welcome the following:
Charmian Heaton as Chair
Neil Talbott as Secretary
Sue Jeff as Membership Secretary
Dave Bowen as Fixtures Secretary
Paul Booth as Fellrunner Editor
Ben Abdelnoor as Member Rep.
As with all Committee posts, these roles are performed on a voluntary basis by people drawn from the FRA membership, who share a love of fell running.
The general discussion afterwards covered the subject of the use of GPS in races and this reflected the strength of feeling and breadth of opinion that has been apparent within the fell running community recently.
The FRA recognises that this is a subjective matter that goes right to the heart of our sport. Our next steps are to engage via email with those Race Organisers who arrange Navigational Skills Required or NS races to notify them of the new race category by which they can prohibit the use of electronic devices for route finding, and to ensure that they are fully briefed to enable them to make an informed decision.  The new race categories will come into effect from January 2019. 
A separate item was a request that Long races should be included in the English Championships Under 23 Category
Charmian Heaton

A reminder: Club vests

Please note: to qualify for team points in Championship rankings each compeditor must wear the vest that his/her club has registered with British Athletics. This is a ruling of British Athletics to which the FRA is affiliated.
Anyone not wearing the registered club vest will not count for team points in the Championship rankings.
We fully appreciate that in certain weather conditions additional layers may be required.

Membership matters

Each year club membership secretaries complete and submit a return to England Athletics - read more

Championship eligibility clarification.

In response to a question raised by one club other clubs may want to note the following statement.

-          Eligibility for English Juniors over U13 is the same as for English Senior Champs.  Younger age groups in the Challenge only have to be members of the club they run for.

-          Individuals must be registered with EA or members of the FRA.  Some clubs only register (i.e. pay for) members who request it – it is not necessary for a club to pay EA for a member who is has already joined the FRA.  If a runner is registered with EA eligibility is the same no matter which club paid the registration fee.

-          Runners can only count for their first claim fell club, but the inflexibility in the EA/UKA system of administering first/first claim other can cause problems.  The FRA Rules (Handbook page 14) has been amended for 2018 to read

“d. Team eligibility.  Runners may count for a team for their first claim fell running Club only. This Club must be affiliated to England Athletics or other National Association. For runners who are simultaneously members of two clubs, in the event of ambiguity over which club has ‘first claim’ status an appeal should be made to the Membership Secretary at the start of the season”   

The FRA has made a request for a rule change on this issue which is going through the EA/UKA process at the moment, but with no certainty that our proposals will be accepted.


Steve Cliff. Fundraising for the MNDA.

I am sure that some FRA members would want to make a donation to support Steve's amazing fundraising efforts for the MNDA. 

Steve Cliff. Bowland

Members may have heard the sad news that Steve Cliff, until recently our Secretary,  has died after a long illness with Motor Neurone Disease.
Steve will be known to many of us as a friend, runner, instigator, with his wife Wynn, of the Anniversary Waltz races which came from a run on their wedding day and, latterly, his work for the FRA since 2015 as Race Liaison Officer and then Secretary.
He will be missed and our thoughts are with his family and others close to him.
Steve was an amazing fundraiser for the MNDA. On the basis that members would want the opportunity to make a donation in Steve's memory I am in contact with the family and will make a further statement on this.
We will arrange to have a more detailed statement in the next FR. If you have any anecdotes about Steve that should be included please send them to me or the Fellrunner Editor.
Nick Harris Chair.

First on the Scene

What to do if you are First on the Scene of an incident on the fells -
essential reading here.

Welfare policy - Transgender and Anti Doping

The Committee have agreed that the FRA will be following the UKA policies on Transgender - and Anti Doping -
This replaces the item in the 2017 Handbook on P 24 Apps 3 and 4 and as previously set out in the Welfare policy - The policy will be updated.


Following the FRA committee meeting on 4/12/16 and in light of recent publicity surrounding historical sexual abuse at football clubs, the committee clarified that any allegations of a similar nature within the sport of fell running will be taken extremely seriously and investigated appropriately.

We have already liaised with UKA and an update and explanation of his role will be provided by the newly appointed Welfare Officer in the Spring Fellrunner.

Any enquiries should be directed to Ed Gamble (

Race Organisers - Documents

Click here to use Jim Godwin's race organiser program