"Events in this Calendar which have been Registered with the FRA are identified by "(R)" after the name of the race in the race details. Most of the listed races in England are Permitted in this way and will take place in accordance with "FRA Safety Requirements and Rules for Competition". Races not identified with "(R)", are included for information only; they are not Registered with the FRA and the FRA cannot vouch for their Permit status."
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Competitors Safety Rules and Equipment

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  • ER - Experience required
  • NS - Navigational Skills Required
  • LK - Local Knowledge an advantage
  • PM - Course Partially Marked

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Races in England

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Date Race Category Country Region
Sun 21/03/10 Brough Law AS England
Sun 21/03/10 Don Morrison Memorial Edale Skyline AL England
Sun 21/03/10 Wirksworth Incline BS England
Sat 27/03/10 Causey Pike AS England
Sat 27/03/10 Midgley Moor AS England
Sun 28/03/10 Blakey Blitz AM England
Sun 28/03/10 Doctors Gate BM England
Sun 28/03/10 Lad's Leap AS England
Sun 28/03/10 Wrekin AS England
Mon 29/03/10 Trunce 1 BS England
Tue 30/03/10 Harry Aspinall Liver Hill BS England
Sat 03/04/10 Askham BM England
Sat 03/04/10 Half Manx Mountain Marathon BL England
Sat 03/04/10 Manx Mountain Marathon AL England
Sat 03/04/10 Pendle AS England
Sat 03/04/10 Pendle Junior Races Unknown England
Sat 03/04/10 Rivington Pike BS England
Sun 04/04/10 Exe To Axe BL England
Sun 04/04/10 Shining Cliffs 2 BS England
Tue 06/04/10 Bunny Run 1 CS England
Wed 07/04/10 Loughrigg AS England
Sat 10/04/10 Wardle Skyline BM England
Sun 11/04/10 Gisborough Moors BL England
Tue 13/04/10 Bunny Run 2 CS England
Wed 14/04/10 Joe Barber Herod Farm AS England
Sat 17/04/10 Coledale Horseshoe AM England
Sat 17/04/10 Really Wild Boar AS England
Sun 18/04/10 Mow Cop BM England
Mon 19/04/10 Trunce 2 BS England
Tue 20/04/10 Bunny Run 3 CS England
Tue 20/04/10 Carlton Challenge BS England
Tue 20/04/10 The Front Five AM England
Wed 21/04/10 Grisedale Grind AS England
Wed 21/04/10 Wrekin Streak AS England
Thu 22/04/10 Hartcliff Hill BS England
Fri 23/04/10 Carraghan Fell AS England
Sat 24/04/10 Anniversary Wa! Unknown England
Sat 24/04/10 Anniversary Waltz AM England
Sat 24/04/10 Puma Hawkshead Trail BM England
Sat 24/04/10 Teenager With Altitude AL England
Sat 24/04/10 Three Peaks AL England
Sun 25/04/10 Cheviot Summit AM England
Tue 27/04/10 Bunny Run 4 CS England
Wed 28/04/10 Ashurst Beacon BS England
Wed 28/04/10 Lords Seat AS England
Sat 01/05/10 Coniston AM England
Sat 01/05/10 The Cake Race (formerly Autumn Leaves) BM England
Sun 02/05/10 Crowden Horseshoe BM England
Sun 02/05/10 Great Hameldon BM England
Mon 03/05/10 Cock Howe North East BM England