FRA Incident Form

In the event of an incident at an FRA registered race the above form should be downloaded and completed and either the completed form or an email containing the same information sent to the FRA Secretary ([email protected]).

Definitions for the purpose of reporting an incident:
Accident: An event that results in injury or ill health
Near miss: an event not causing harm, but has the potential to cause injury or ill health
Hazard - is a dangerous situation or object, which has the potential to cause harm
Incidents reported to the FRA will be forwarded to the UKA for inclusion in their incident register.

FRA documents

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The FRA maintains a Calendar of fell/hill/mountain running events throughout the UK. Where details of an event for the following year are received by the end of October they are included in the annual Fixtures Calendar and Handbook which is received by all members of the FRA. When race organisers are agreeable, details of events are also displayed on the FRA website. Information about late registered events is included in the Calendar Update section of the Fellrunner magazine.

For a new event to be included in the FRA Calendar it must comply with the FRA’s definitions for a fell race. These are given in the FRA Rules for Competition and include the minimum amount of climb required, the maximum amount of the event which can be on road and a requirement for it to include some “genuine fell terrain”.

For events taking place in England (including the Isle of Man) the FRA, which is affiliated to UK Athletics, can provide race Permits and associated UK Athletics insurance. There isn’t any charge for a Permit but Organisers must be members of the FRA. A membership application form can be found on

Events outside England should obtain their Permits and/or insurance from the relevant national bodies. Details of such events, and any in England which obtain insurance other than through the FRA, can also be included in the Calendar.

Organisers of new events should contact me by email on [email protected] explaining where their event is to be held and including their phone number. I will then send the relevant form for them to complete to submit race details. If you are applying for a Permit for a race in England I shall also require a copy of an OS map showing the race route. This is for FRA records and to check that the route meets the FRA’s requirements for a fell race. For events outside England I may request some route information after I receive the completed form.

Once a race has been included in the FRA Calendar the organiser will automatically be contacted at the end of September inviting him to submit race details for the following year’s Calendar.

Documents of importance/interest to race organisers have been included on this page. If you have any queries please contact me by email or phone.

Andy McMurdo
FRA Fixtures Secretary

Tel: 07834 912222
Email: [email protected]

Bans currently in force

Date Name Club Period End date (inclusive)
10-08-21 Richard Campbell (V45) Rossendale Harriers 14th August to 13th November 2021 (with three further months suspended) 13-11-21

Safety Documentation for 2021

Safety Documents for 2021 can be found on the FRA Documents page.

Good Practice Documents