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Meetings of the Executive Committee

The relevant section of the FRA Constitution, is Article 48:-
Subject to the Articles, the Executive Committee members may regulate their proceedings as they think fit. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held not less than four times each calendar year. Members may attend meetings of the Executive Committee as observers and may speak at such meetings but may not vote. If any business at a meeting of the Executive Committee is deemed confidential, then any Member attending as an observer will be required to leave the meeting whilst such matter is discussed.

What This Means
Any of the 7500 members of the FRA may attend a meeting of the Executive Committee to observe, subject to the "confidential" proviso. Such observers are also free to speak but not vote. Normal committee rules are observed, namely that speakers, whether Committee members or observers, should address the meeting via the Chair, and should restrict what they say to the agenda item under discussion.

Committee members are expected to confirm their attendance in advance of each meeting. For reasons of practicality, any member who wishes to observe should make their request to the Secretary one week before any Executive Meeting. It may be necessary to restrict the numbers of observers if space is limited.

Committee Minutes /Papers
Briefing papers supporting agenda items are issued to Executive Members one week before each meeting. These are normally restricted to the Committee. Meeting Minutes are not circulated to the membership, however, in the interests of transparency, established practice is for the Secretary to produce a report for each Fellrunner to keep all members informed of business conducted by the Executive on their behalf.

The FRA Committee

The FRA Committee comprises the following roles and personnel. Please click on the Role Summary to see a description of the role, and click here to see a summary of the general requirements and expectations of Committee Members.

Please feel free to contact any Committee Member

Position Name E-mail Phone
Role Summary
Chair Charmian Heaton Mail 07749 844212
Secretary Neil Talbott Mail 07769 518277
Treasurer Andrew Watts Mail 01625 536896
Membership Secretary Patrick McIver Mail 07717 224976
Fixtures Dave Bowen Mail 07568 092534
Magazine Co-ordinator Neil Talbott Mail 07769 518277
Championships Co-ordinator Lesley Malarkey Mail 07881 597457
Environment & Access Nicky Spinks Mail 07548 283545
Junior Co-ordinator Helene Whitaker Mail 07950 033781
Coaching and Education Co-ordinator Nigel Hetherington Mail 07938 921045
Welfare Officer Ed Gamble Mail 0161 4455243
International Selection Chair Duncan Richards Mail 07764 610799
Website Brett Weeden Mail 07970 206003
Membership Reps Ian Winterburn Mail 07733 266595
James Lowe Mail 07772 298302
Catherine Slater Mail 07581 189858
Ben Abdelnoor Mail 07896 151179
Liason Officer to Athletics Bodies Wendy Dodds Mail 01539 564747
Honory Committee Members Graham Breeze and Morgan Williams
Co-optees with specific responsibilities
Chair Communiciations Sub Committee Britta Sendlhofer Mail 01539 431569
Under 23 Co-ordinator Sarah McCormack Mail 01539 443322
Race Liason Officer Lead Stuart Ferguson Mail 07849 881161
Commercial Adviser Richard Brown Mail 0161 691 7219

Members of Sub-Committees

(* = not a member of the Executive Committee)

Committee Chair Members Role Summary
Championships Lesley Malarkey Ben Ablelnoor, Carlos Bedson*
Disciplinary, Review and Appeals Charmian Heaton all Executive Committee members except Secretary and Welfare Officer, Alison Wainwright *; Chris Evans *
Junior Helene Whitaker Pin Dhillon-Downey*, Wendy Dodds, Ed Gamble, Charmian Heaton, Jamie McIlvenny*, Graham Wright*
Safety Equipment and Rules Neil Talbott Dave Bowen, Stuart Ferguson, Charmian Heaton,Chris Hodgson*,Steve Wathall*, Andy Watts, Ian Winterburn,
Communication Britta Sendlhofer Paul Booth*, Graham Brown*, Barny Crawshaw*,James Lowe, Neil Talbott Andy Watts, Brett Weeden
Coaching Nigel Hetherington Steve Pearson*, Andy Watts, Ian Winterburn, Graeme Woodward*

Members of other teams

Committee Chair Members Role Summary
Race Liaison Officer Team Stuart Ferguson Pin Dhillon-Downey, Peter Ehrhardt, Pita Oates, Pete Tayler
Access and Environment Team Nicky Spinks Bob Berzins, Steve Hall, Louise Hawson, Max Howard, Richard Patton
FRA Long Distance Award Panel Martin Stone Rick Ansell, John Ashcroft, Adrian Belton, Bob Berzins, Steve Birkinshaw, Jon Broxap, Charlie Campbell, Wendy Dodds, John Fleetwood, Jon Gay, Manny Gorman, Mark Hartell, Anne Johnson, Mark McDermott, Jasmin Paris, Steve Pyke, Peter Simpson,Nicky Spinks, Hugh Symonds, Yiannis Tridimas, Chris Upson, Helene Whitaker, Tony Wimbush, Rob Woodall

Other FRA Information

Name E-mail Phone
Handbook Christine Bowen Mail 07894 044239
Magazine Editor Paul Booth Mail 07968 814451
Statistician Carlos Bedson Mail
Equipment Officer Steve Wathall Mail 01229 467585
Junior Statistics inc Champs results Jim Godwin Mail
FRA Navigation Course Pauline May Mail 07515 129327
Fellrunner results Dave Weatherhead and Barbara Carney Mail 01535 273508
England Mountain Running Committee Duncan Richards Karen Brooks, Mark Crosdale, Alec Duffield, Carol Evans, Sharon Hudson, Helen MacVicker, Neil Wilkinson, Sarah Wilkinson

Other Information

Name Website E-mail Phone
British Championships Judith Jepson Website Mail
UKA Information inc Insurance John Temperton Website Mail
N. Ireland Mountain Running Assoc Anne Sandford Website Mail 07779 254808
Scottish Athletics Hill Running Commission Hugh Buchanan Website Mail 01786 473776
Scottish Hill Runners Neil Gilmore Website Mail 0131 445 3769
Welsh Mountain Running Committee Arwel Lewis Website Mail 07772 302411
Welsh Fell Runners Association Andrew Blackmore Website Mail 01633 882558
World Mountain Rrunning Assoc Anne Buckley Website Mail 07817 681826
British Open Fell Runners Assoc Su Thompson Website Mail 07739 100389
Long Distance Awards Martin Stone Mail 01931 714106