FRA Conference: Coaching Junior Fell Runners 17th November

The FRA is putting on a conference for coaches with the theme of 'Coaching Junior Fell Runners'.Further details are available from


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What are the FRA Coaching Courses?

There are 2 coaching courses delivered by the FRA in association with England Athletics/British Athletics. Fell/Trail Leadership in Running Fitness (FLiRF) is the introductory 1 day course. The Fell / Trail CiRF ( Coach in Running Fitness ) is the more advanced version. Both are equivalent to the standard England Athletics / British Athletics versions and come with the same license and insurance cover but are focussed solely on off road running.

The FLiRF is an off road contextualised version of the standard LiRF. It is a one day course with no assessment and then provides insurance cover to take groups (12 and over) running off road. It covers why people run, warm ups, main sessions, cool downs, some drills, uphill and downhill running technique, introductions, instruction, demonstration, safety, energy systems, planning and barriers.

The FCiRF takes 4 days over 2 weekends plus an assessment day. It covers an individual to coach athletes on the fell/trail and involves pre course, an exam and a practical assessment. It focuses on the How 2 skills of coaching (feedback, analysis, demonstration etc) plus a lot more detail on technique, drills, S&C, planning, H&S, drills etc. The FCiRF takes 4 days compared to 3 in the standard CiRF because of the greater technical and safety elements needed in off road running.

Please note - All coaching course applications must be sent by post. Please ensure that the full application document is enclosed together with a photo which meets the criteria in the guidance.

Requirements for license photo:
o White background
o Photo paper
o 45mm (height) by 35mm (width)
o Cannot be cut down from a larger photo

FRA Leadership and Coaching Courses 2018

Fell/Trail Leadership in Running Fitness (FLiRF)

12-10-18 West Midlands

Fell/Trail Coach in Running Fitness (FCiRF)

Course 1: Weekend 1: 24th/25th Feb Weekend 2: 28/29th April Assessment Day: 3rd June
All days at Mytholmroyd near Hebden Bridge.

Course 2: Weekend 1: 16/17th June (Longhaw near Sheffield), Weekend 2: 22/23rd Sept (Mytholmroyd near Hebden Bridge). Assessment Day: 18th Nov (Mytholmroyd)

Course 3: Weekend 1: 30th June/Ist July (Mytholmroyd) Weekend 2: 29/30th Sept (Mytholmroyd). Assessment Day: 25th Nov (Mytholmroyd).

Once enrolled, applicants can swap between course weekends but must attend one Weekend 1, one Weekend 2 and an Assessment day.

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Any questions, contact Graeme Woodward