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Race Series to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the FRA (1970–2020)

Latest update - 19th November 2021

Eight members indulged in a bit of Fishwicking this weekend to claim points at both the Dunnerdale and Roaches races and Paul Burchell achieved the significant milestone of 24 races to earn himself an engraved glass. With just four more races in the series, who will earn a T-shirt for 12 races and a Hoodie for 18 races? Next up the Tour of Pendle on Saturday (20th November).

Charmian Heaton
FRA Chairman

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50 @ 50 series - restart of racing

April 2021

I am delighted to announce that the FRA are now in a position to restart the [email protected] race series which was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic and cancellation of most races in 2020. This series was planned to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the FRA which was formed on 4th April 1970 and commemorative merchandise will be awarded to runners who take part in a qualifying number of races.

The original list included all those surviving races which were in the calendar in 1970 plus English Championship races plus other races from around the country to encourage participation from as wide a base as possible. Inevitably, we have lost some races out of the list such as the Burnsall Classic which will not be happening in 2021 due to the show it is linked with not going ahead. However, we have plugged the gaps and I am grateful to all the race organisers who have been hugely supportive in offering up their races for inclusion in the series. There are some caveats, dependent on all Covid restrictions being lifted or local permissions but as the country moves in the right direction and nightclubs plan to re-open at the end of June, we are confident that we can get back to enjoying our sport.

There are inevitable clashes and so no-one will be able to take part in all the races (not even our friend, the ubiquitous Darren Fishwick). Three races are already full and some races will have reduced capacity due to landowner permissions and sensitivities of the communities from which they are held. However, I am confident that the series still offers many runners the chance to be part of our celebrations and will enable all our active members to take part.

Results from the six races which went ahead in 2020 will still stand and the qualifying date for age groups will remain as 1st July, 2020 (apologies to any runners who have moved up an age category during the pandemic). Commemorative garments will be awarded to any runners who compete in 15/25/30 races and I will review these numbers as the series progresses, recognising that it may be more difficult to enter a significant number of races.

So, to summarise,
Points will be awarded to FRA members based upon the following formula:
The winner’s time (man or woman) divided by your time x 100
Runners will be awarded their 10 best scores plus 20% of the value of any other score.
There will be awards for the highest scoring men and women in Open/V40/V50/V60/V70 categories (age as at 01-Jul-2020) and conditional on at least 15 of the races completed.
Any runner who completes 15/25/30+ races will be presented with commemorative FRA garments.

Best of luck and I look forward to seeing many of you at a race in the near future.

Charmian Heaton

If you have any queries, please contact me or

James Lowe