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Meetings of the Executive Committee

The relevant section of the FRA Constitution, is Article 47:-
Subject to the Articles, the Executive Committee members may regulate their proceedings as they think fit. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held not less than four times each calendar year. Members may attend meetings of the Executive Committee as observers and may speak at such meetings but may not vote. If any business at a meeting of the Executive Committee is deemed confidential, then any Member attending as an observer will be required to leave the meeting whilst such matter is discussed.

What This Means
Any of the 7500 members of the FRA may attend a meeting of the Executive Committee to observe, subject to the "confidential" proviso. Such observers are also free to speak but not vote. Normal committee rules are observed, namely that speakers, whether Committee members or observers, should address the meeting via the Chair, and should restrict what they say to the agenda item under discussion.

Committee members are expected to confirm their attendance in advance of each meeting. For reasons of practicality, any member who wishes to observe should make their request to the Secretary one week before any Executive Meeting. It may be necessary to restrict the numbers of observers if space is limited.

Committee Minutes /Papers
Briefing papers supporting agenda items are issued to Executive Members one week before each meeting. These are normally restricted to the Committee. Meeting Minutes are not circulated to the membership, however, in the interests of transparency, established practice is for the Secretary to produce a report for each Fellrunner to keep all members informed of business conducted by the Executive on their behalf.

Steve Cliff - Secretary
Nick Harris - Chair

The FRA Committee

Please feel free to contact any Committee Member.

Position Name E-mail Phone
Chair Nick Harris Mail 01706 211468
Secretary Steve Cliff Mail 07791 775759
Treasurer Andrew Watts Mail 01625 536896
Membership Charmian Heaton Mail 07749 844212
Fixtures Andy Butler Mail 01663 733256
Magazine Editor David McCabe Mail 01946 328759
Statistician Ian Hartman Mail 01274 593397
Championships Jon Broxap Mail 01539 721603
Environment & Access Chris Jones Mail 07753 799386
Junior Co-ordinator Owen Mills Mail 07803 259027
Coaching Co-ordinator Graeme Woodward Mail 01422 885185
Welfare Officer Ian Lewis Mail 07985 195290
Chair Int Selection Cmte Anne Buckley Mail 07817 681826
Website Brett Weeden Mail 07970 206003
Membership Reps Ian Winterburn (DPFR) Mail 07733 266595
Michael Robinson Mail 07778 301640
Helen Berry Mail 07972 677376
Andrew Schofield 01768 777110
Liason Officer to Athletics Bodies Andrew Watts Mail 01625 536896
Co-optees with specific responsibilities
Chair Safety Equ and Rules Sub-committee Nick Hewitt Mail 07581 189858
Race Liason Officer Steve Cliff Mail 07791 775759
Co-opted -Equipment Officer Pete Bland Mail
Other useful contacts
FRA Navigation Course Margaret Batley Mail
Fellrunner results Dave Wetherhead and Barbara Carney Mail

Other contacts

Name Website E-mail Phone
UKA Insurance Information John Temperton Website Mail
N. Ireland Mountain Running Assoc Anne Sandford Website Mail 028 9028 0790
Scottish Athletics Hill Running Commission Hugh Buchanan Website Mail 01786 473776
Scottish Hill Runners Neil Gilmore Website Mail 0131 445 3769
Welsh Mountain Running Committee Arwel Lewis Website Mail 01633 882558
Welsh Fell Runners Association Andrew Blackmore Website Mail 01633 882558
World Mountain Rrunning Assoc Sarah Rowell Website Mail 01535 644975
British Open Fell Runners Assoc Tim Done Website Mail 01535 634871