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Blencathra, 3rd June - Change of Organiser

The organiser of this race has changed to Dave Sargent. Updated details here.

Inter Counties Fell Running Championships 16th May

There is a smart new website for the British Inter Counties Fell Running Championships 2015 here.  Inter Counties teams must be pre-entered, but entries will be available on the day for the open categories.  This is a great opportunity to race in the area that is being used for the World Masters and World Mountain Running Championships in September.  Full details of the event can be found on the event website.

Further Changes To "Peat Pits Wood 2" Replaced by "Not the Peat Pits Wood 2"

There are some further changes to the "Not The Peat Pits Wood 2" race which replaced "The Peat Pits Wood" race on Sunday April 5th.  The venue has changed again, to The Bluebell Country Inn & Restaurant, Farnah Green, and the start time has been brought forward to 10:30.  See the listing here for full information.  Unfortunately it won't be possible to hold any junior races.

Long Mynd Fell Race 8.2.15

The FRA Disciplinary, Appeals and Review sub-Committee have received a complaint that Sam Burgess, ARCC, retired from the Long Mynd Fell race and then failed to report to the race organiser, as required under the rules. It has been decided to effect a 6 month ban on him entered races registered with the FRA, expiring on 5 Sept. 2015
The decision has been added to the data base of banned runners which is being sent to all race organisers.
Nick Harris

English Championships

After Flower Scar - here

Causey Pike (28th March) Postponed

Due to the closure of the humpback bridge to all vehicles and pedestrians for emergency structural repairs in Stair Village, the Causey Pike Fell Race will be unable to go ahead on Saturday the 28th March. The race will go ahead this year once the bridge is fixed and provisionally will be Saturday September 12th but this will be confirmed as soon as possible and once we have a further update from County Highways. All other details for the race remained unchanged. Please visit for further details and updates.
Dan Barton and John Nichol - Race Organisers

Tigger Tor fell race 25.2.15

The FRA Disciplinary, Appeals and Review sub-Committee has upheld a complaint in relation to the Tigger Tor fell race 25.1.15. that a runner did not enter the race but was on the course and acting in such a way that he potentially impeded the effective organisation and safety of the race.
We have decided to impose a 3 month ban on Clive Fitzpatrick, Stockport AC, from competing in any races registered with the FRA, expiring on 13 June 2015. Race organisers will also be informed and be sent two photographs of the runner.
Nick Harris

Last Drop Loop - Change of Date

The date of the Last Drop Loop has been brought forward by a week to Saturday 20th June.  All other details are unchanged.

Fell Runner editor

The Fell Runner editor, Richard Reeve, is unable to continue in post due to other pressures. The FRA Committee is therefore looking for a new Editor with immediate effect.  The post mainly involves ensuring that three copies of the FR are produced each year. The Editor is supported by a small team of FRA members who help gather photographs; collate the results etc. Typesetting and printing is done commercially.

The Editor is a member of the FRA Committee, which meets about 4 times a year and the Communication sub-Committee. You will need to be co-opted onto the Committee until the AGM.

If you are interested in applying you are welcome to contact Richard Reeve…… and you can obtain a copy of the application form for the post from Nick Harris, Secretary on 07956344174

Nick Harris

Durisdeer Hill Race

Entries for Durisdeer Hill Race, a counter in the British Champs are now open online and accessible via

Entries will stay open till 6th June, there is no upper limit. Please note, NO entries will be accepted on the day this year.

Wharmton Dash Cancelled - 28th June 2015

Unfortunately the Wharmton Dash which was scheduled for Sunday 28th June, has been cancelled as date of the Saddleworth Show has been changed.

FRA Emergency Wilderness First Aid Course

For more information, please click here

Lowther Lakeland Trail Race - Change of Date

The date of this race has been changed to Sunday 16th August and is part of the Lowther Show.  All other details are unchanged.

Eligibility qualifications for the English Championships

1. First claim member of an English club and registered with England Athletics. Runners must be members of the FRA if they are not registered with England Athletics.
2. Member of a club outside England which is registered with the appropriate home country athletics federation but born in England or resident in England for a minimum of twelve months prior to the date of the first Championship race.
3. Unattached members of the FRA born in England or resident in England for a minimum of twelve months prior to the date of the first Championship race. 
* Runners qualifying under2. or 3. above must notify the FRA Statistician either in writing or by e-mail prior to the date of the first Championship race. 

Tigger Tor fell race 25-1-2015

The FRA Disciplinary, appeals and review sub-Committee has upheld a complaint in relation to the Tigger Tor fell race 25.1.15.that a runner was not carrying the requisite kit.
We have decided to impose a 6 month ban on William (Billy) Cartwright, Matlock AC from competing in any races registered with the FRA, expiring on 20 August 2015. Race organisers will also be informed.

FRA England Fell & Mountain 14-16 Development Squad

More information here

Fell LiRF

Application forms available here.


Darren Holloway Memorial Race (Buttermere Horseshoe) 13th June

Two additional races have been included in this event for 2015.  There is a short route (20.8km/1520m ascent) and a relay for three runners that takes in the full Buttermere Horseshoe route.  See for more details.

Grasmere Senior Guides - Change of Date

The Grasmere Senior Guides Race is on the August bank holiday weekend and the date is Sunday 30th August, not as previously published.

Hairy Dog - Change of Date

The date of the Hairy Dog race has been changed to Monday 31st August.

Environment and Access Officer

Chris Jones (Wharfedale) has been agreed as the new FRA Environment and Access Officer. Contact details. 2 RaygillLothersdale BD20HH 07753799386

Auld Lang Syne race 31-12-14

The FRA committee has upheld a complaint that a runner ran at ALS in the place of another runner and in contravention of the rules. We have decided to impose a 3 month ban on James Bancroft, Marsh Harriers from competing in any races registered with the FRA, expiring on 5 May 2015. Race organisers will also be informed.
Nick Harris - Secretary

Sat 18th Apr 2015 – Y Moelwyn

Registration will open at 10.00am and close at 1.00pm on day of race - Take note that the registration address (ll41 3PL) is different to the start of the race approx 1km away (LL41 3ES)
Race starts at 2.00pm. EVEN if you have booked online you will still need to register/get your race number on the day.
Nearly 300 have registered already.
For more info email or phone 01766 832 214

Moel Tryfan - Change of Date

Moel Tryfan has been brought forward to 7th March.

David Bell Memorial Race - Change of Date

The date of the David Bell Memorial race has been changed to Sunday 15th March.  All other details are as previously published.

FRA - Standing Orders

If you’ve previously paid for membership by standing order PLEASE CANCEL IT if you’ve not already done so.

If your standing order is still in place the banking system will take the old subscription amount from your account come what may, and will then keep it until it sees fit to return it to you.  The old FRA subscriptions account no longer exists and so the payment will definitely be returned to you, but perhaps not as quickly as you’d like.

For any issues or questions please contact the Treasurer (address as per Handbook).

Membership renewals

More than 4000 FRA Memberships have now been renewed using the new Online Membership system – many thanks. If you renewed or joined by 16th December you should expect to receive the FRA Handbook & Fixtures Calendar in time for Christmas.  If you renewed or joined by 23rd December at 17:00, you should receive it early in the New Year.  If you renew or join after this, you will receive it from LATE JANUARY onwards.  If you haven’t yet renewed, please visit
Debbie Thompson, our membership administrator is away now until 20th January.  She will answer any email enquiries on her return.

Insurance Cover for Race Organisers

A note has been produced by the FRA following issues raised by Race Organisers earlier in 2014. The production of the note involved direct consultation with both the UKA and the insurers by FRA member Graham Wadsworth, who has a lifetime of experience working in the insurance industry but who is now a retired insurance broker. It is now on the Race Organiser page of the FRA website.

Bradda Niarbyl Championship Race 2015 Entries Open

Entries have opened today for the 2015 Bradda Niarbyl English and Manx Championship race on the Isle of Man on Saturday 11th July 2015. Entry is via the Manx Fell Runners website:

Race Organisers - Documents

Click here to use Jim Godwin's race organiser program

Legal advice and help with drafting a document for juniors.

The FRA Committee have been building up a reference group of members with specific expertise and who can help and advise us from time to time. To date we have input in relation to insurance; safety, both mountain rescue and health and safety; juniors/coaching and from some race organisers.
1.  Could you offer legal advice to the FRA Committee on draft documents etc?
2. We are putting together a leaflet for juniors and have text that would look very uninviting to any junior member. Could you offer help with an improved layout e.g. cartoons/photos? (Junior members putting themselves forward would be welcomed.)
Suitable payments will be made to those appointed, if required.
If you like to put yourself forward you are welcome to send me a brief resume to or phone me on 07956344174
Nick Harris, Secretary

Insurance - 'hazards'

British Athletics/UKA has a statement on ‘hazards’ on their website which has caused concerns to a number of race organisers:
“Hazardous Activities Exclusion – this policy does not apply to liability arising out of hazardous activities which increase the risk of bodily injury or damage to property. This includes but is not limited to amusement rides, bonfires, bouncy castles, fairground rides, fireworks, inflatables.”
We have been in correspondence with British Athletics/UKA on this and, a number of other issues in relation to insurance and further details will be sent to race organisers at a later date when this dialogue is finalised.  However we have been able to gain clarity that:
'The intention of this exclusion is to remove hazardous risks which are not part and parcel of the core activities of the insured parties.  It does not exclude any athletic activities that are approved by British Athletics, which do include fell running.'
I hope that will remove the anxiety I know some organisers have.
Nick Harris

FRA Hypothermia Leaflet

Can be downloaded here

England Athletics registration

Following a change of management at England Athletics they have advised us that they are no longer able to continue the arrangement whereby members of the FRA can obtain free registration with EA.
If you have obtained EA registration via the FRA it will lapse from April 2014.  EA registration does not affect access to fell races in any way, but it will mean you have to enter as ‘unattached’ for other England Athletics events, notably road races that you may wish to compete in.
Should you wish to continue to be registered with England Athletics you should go through an EA affiliated club, and pay the £10 EA fee via them. At the moment there is no arrangement for athletes to register direct with EA.

FRA Radios

Monitoring runners is a vital aspect of the safe conduct of fell races and so the FRA has long had a set (6) of Motorola radios available for free loan to race organisers.
The FRA has now purchased three further sets (of 6) of a more powerful Motorola model which have much improved radio coverage.
These are available on free loan from Jon Broxap via Pete Bland Sports where they are stored.
Race organisers are urged to make use of this facility.
The FRA is committed to do all it can to ensure safety in fell races and if future demand for radios from race organisers exceeds supply then the FRA will purchase additional sets to safeguard the future of the sport.