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Longmynd Valleys Championships Race

The race is now virtually full. If you can find someone who can't use their entry then you can get them to substitute you in via SI Entries. We will not be able to do substitutions on the day. Please don't worry about letting the RO know if you can't run - regrettably I'm now getting so many emails I can't respond individually.
Registration will be at Church Stretton School, Shrewsbury Road, Church Stretton SY6 6EX and will open at 10am. Early starters may be able to register a little earlier.
The free event car park entrance is beside the school. DO NOT park in the school car park - we need to be able to get marshals etc. in and out freely. The only exception to this is minibuses (not campers!). The school car park gate will be shut from about 4pm.
There is an early start at 11am which is only for anyone in WV50+ or MV60+ who thinks they may take over three hours to finish. If you run on the early start and you are not in these categories and/or you take less than 2 hours 45 minutes you will not be eligible for championships points or to score for a team. The time limit on the main start is 3 hours and there are cut-offs to ensure that you will finish inside this. If fail to meet a cut-off you will have to return to the FINISH on foot by the quickest route. If you don't comply there will be disciplinary proceedings. No arguments please: we have to look after our marshals as well as you. Similarly the race is and AM and you are required to carry full kit. We will disqualify your result if you are found not to be complying with the rules.
Very important notice about the route: In order to get phone coverage at CP5 we have moved it from the location shown on the map about 250m to the north. The new location is shown circled green on the map extract below. In all other respects the route is as shown on the current edition Pete Bland / Harvey map (you can tell if it's the current version because the copyright notice will give the year 2015 - the old version will not have the correct CPs for the new course but does cover the right area)
Amended location for CP5.PNG
Many thanks
Jim Tinnion - Race Organiser

Viking Chase - Change of Date and Venue

The date of the Viking Chase has changed to Sunday 3rd September, and the venue has reverted to the usual location of Lordstones Cafe.  Full details can be found here.

West Nab 1st April - Change of Venue For Registration

Registration for West Nab on Saturday 1st April will now be at Carlile Institute, Huddersfield Road, Meltham, HD9 4AE, GR 102106.  See race website for full information.

Tebay 17th June - Change of Race Contact

The contact for the Tebay championship race on Saturday 17th June has changed to Paul Brittleton.  Full race details can be found here.

Ian Roberts Sunday 5th March 2017

Unfortunately, due to a serious medical emergency with a close family member, I am going to have to postpone the race.
I am hoping to rearrange it later in the year. I'll post an update on the Facebook page & Twitter, but if you know anyone who was planning to run & doesn't do social media, please let them know.
Many thanks,
Phil Hobbs

British Championship Race Donard Challenge 8th April - Entry Limit

Please note unfortunately NIMRA, for environmental reasons, have had to cap the entries for the above event at 300. Entries are now up to 247 so anyone wishing to compete needs to get their entry in quickly through the NIMRA website entry system. There will be no entries on the day and entries are also non-transferable.  Entry here.

Advance notice of Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Fell Runners Association Limited will take place on Saturday 17th June 2017 at 16.00 at Tebay Sports, Social and Railway Club, Tebay, CA10 3SP. The AGM will start before the Tebay Race Results Ceremony and will continue after the Results ceremony, if required.

References in the notes below to articles are to the company’s articles of association which can be found here

1. Agenda: a full agenda for the meeting will be made available in due course and will follow the framework set out in article 16 of the articles. The notice containing the agenda will be given on the FRA website as provided for in article 61. It will be published in the magazine if the timing of the printing of the summer edition makes this practical but this is unlikely. Another reminder notice, together with committee nominations, will be available in late May 2017.

2. Accounts: The accounts of the company to be approved at the meeting will cover the period 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016.

3. Election of the Executive Committee:

a) The Officers and Member Representatives of the Executive Committee described in article 22 (a) will be elected in the usual way, and nominations for any of these positions, including a proposer and seconder, to be notified in writing to the General Secretary by Friday 5 May 2017.  Nomination form

All members of the Executive Committee must be members of Clubs affiliated for fell running to UK Athletics.

4. Voting:

a) Voting arrangements for members are detailed in article 20.

b) English Clubs which are affiliated for fell running to UK Athletics and are represented at the meeting are entitled to two votes each. If clubs wish to vote then they must notify the Secretary of the names of their representatives no later than Saturday 10th June, 2017.

c) Each member will have the right to appoint a proxy in accordance with article 15. A proxy form will be available to download with the notice of the meeting.

5. Open Discussion: in accordance with article 16, an open discussion will follow the formal business. This is an ideal opportunity for the members to express views on any aspect of our sport. Discussion points for the meeting should be notified, to the General Secretary by Friday 5 May 2017. This will allow adequate time to be allocated to this item on the agenda.

Steve Cliff, General Secretary, February 2017

Welfare policy - Transgender and Anti Doping

The Committee have agreed that the FRA will be following the UKA policies on Transgender - and Anti Doping -
This replaces the item in the 2017 Handbook on P 24 Apps 3 and 4 and as previously set out in the Welfare policy - The policy will be updated.

FRA English Junior Championships clarification

Please click here

Process for dealing with members proposals

Arising from the discussion at the 2016 AGM the Committee have adopted a new process for dealing with proposals raised by members. This can be found under FRA documents.

Causey Pike - Change of Address of Race Contact

The address and phone number of the race contact for Causey Pike on Saturday 25th March has changed.  Details can be found here.

Bull Hill - Change of Date

The date of the Bull Hill race has changed to Thursday 6th July.  Pre-entry is no longer available, full details here

Glen Mona - Change of Organiser/Race Contact

The organiser/race contact for the Glen Mona race on the Isle of Man on Saturday 25th February has changed to Matt McSevney.  Full details are here.

Senior Intercounties - 13th May

The 2017 Senior Intercounties event will take place at the Broughton Heights Hill Race on Saturday 13th May at 13:00.  Race details can be found here and registration information will be via from later this month.

Weets English Champs Event - No Junior Races

Please note that there will be no junior races at the Weets English Championships event on Sat 27th May contrary to the information in the handbook, and previously on this website.  Junior races will take place as usual at the non-championship Weets event on Sat 10th June.

Eligibility criteria for the English championships

Eligibility criteria for the English championships including seniors; U21 and juniors. Members are asked to note that the following criteria applies to all championships as in P48 of the handbook.


1. First claim member of an English club and registered with England athletics Runners must be a member of the FRA if they are not registered with England athletics

2. First claim member of a club outside England which is registered with the appropriate home country athletics federation and either born in England or have been resident in England for a minimum of twelve months prior to the date of the first championship race.

3. Members of the FRA who are not members of a club registered with England athletics but either born in England or have been resident in England for a minimum of twelve months prior to the date of the first championship race.

Runners qualifying under 2 or 3 above must notify the FRA statistician either in writing or by e mail prior to the date of the first championship race

Clubs must be affiliated to England Athletics.

Wincle Trout - Change of Contact/Organiser

The race contact and organiser of the Wincle Trout race on Saturday 3rd June has changed to Rob Gittins.  Full details can be found here.

Manx Mountain Marathon - Change of Date

The date of the Manx Mountain Marathon and Half Mountain Marathon has changed to Saturday 8th July.  All other details are unchanged.

Blacka Moor Chase - Change of Date

Please note the change of date of the Blacka Moor Chase to Tuesday 20th June 2017.  Full details here.

Oke Croak - Change of Date

The date of the Oke Croak has changed to Saturday 26th August.  All other details are unchanged, and can be viewed here.

2017 Coaching and Leadership courses

 Have been announced.  Locations, details and application forms are available here

Race Updates

The following changes have been made to races since the handbook went to press.  The details on the website always show the most up to date information we have:

Sun 5th Feb. Kong Mini MM

Change of venue to Lake District

Sat 11th Feb. Wild Night Run

Change of date (was 28th Jan)

Sat 15th April. Fron Four

This is a N Wales Championship counter, not Moelwyn as indicated on page 55 of the handbook

Sun 14th May. Gt Whernside Juniors. 

Change of start time to 12 noon (NOT 14:00)

Sun 18th June. Great Lakes

Change of date (was 17th June)

Sun 2nd July. Fountains

Race cancelled

Sun 10th Dec. Litton Christmas Cracker

Change of organiser tel no. to 01298 605092.  No entries on day.

In addition to these races. There are about a dozen races that were registered after the handbook went to press, and these can be found by searching here, or reading the updates section in future Fellrunners

Andy Butler

Fixtures Secretary


Following the FRA committee meeting on 4/12/16 and in light of recent publicity surrounding historical sexual abuse at football clubs, the committee clarified that any allegations of a similar nature within the sport of fell running will be taken extremely seriously and investigated appropriately.

We have already liaised with UKA and an update and explanation of his role will be provided by the newly appointed Welfare Officer in the Spring Fellrunner.

Any enquiries should be directed to Ed Gamble (

Mytholmroyd fell race 11 Dec 2016

The organiser has reported to us a runner on the course of the Mytholmroyd fell race who had not entered. We would like to discuss this with the runner. Do you recognise the runner from the link below? Please send any details, in confidence, to or phone 07956344174


Wilderness First Aid Course

Details here

British Fell Relays

After the success of the 2016 British Fell relays in Scotland, 2017 will see the relays return to North Wales, hosted once again by Eryri Harriers, on 15th October.

To ensure the continued success of the event as a truly British championship we are keen to have an English venue for 2018.  I am aware there are a couple of clubs who are looking into the feasibility of acting as the host, but at this stage nothing has been confirmed.  If any individuals or clubs are interested in being involved in putting on this great event, please do get in touch with me – either to discuss what is required or to get hold of the event guidelines.

I am sure I am not alone in hoping we can find an English host to continue to great tradition of the event

Disciplinary Action

At the Langdale Horseshoe Fell Race on 8th October, a runner ran in the race number allocated to another runner. Both runners have been barred from any participation in all races registered with the Fell Runners Association Limited for a period of three months from 8th October.
The FRA Requirements for Runners (the "Runners Rules") 8. Disciplinary Action clearly states  
"The FRA may take disciplinary action such as banning a competitor from future races, and your club may also impose sanctions if your actions reflect badly on them.  Absolute’ no-nos’ are quitting a race without telling the Organiser, running in someone else’s vest number, or cheating on the kit requirements.

2017 GB Mountain Selection

The 2017 GB mountain running selection criteria can now be found under the international page.  Due to the World Championships being held much earlier (end of July) in 2017, the selection policy is different to previous years.  We envisage this being a one off.

Sarah Rowell

Change to the WV60 championship categories for 2017

Following the discussion at the 2016 AGM, stimulated by Wendy Dodds and the subsequent polling of women members aged 50+ it has been decided to make a change to the championship categories for 2017 as follows:
Ranking for the WV60 category is to be calculated on points scored in up to 4 of the 6 races to be listed but only one long race will count.
The situation will be reviewed at the end of 2017.Members who participated are thanked for their input.

English Championship A Long Races

Calling all ROs, Clubs and potential ROs. Could you create an AL race?
We are down to maybe only one or two A long races worthy of being selected outside the Lake District. This is largely due to courses and/or competitor numbers being impeded by conservation work.
We would like the Championships to be representative of all English hill and fell terrain. Maybe you could create a new race or adapt an existing AM or BL? Bring in extra income for your club or worthy cause maybe? Please consider:
  • A challenging course, worthy of being a Championship counter.
  • Avoiding high summer, when the Lakes ALs dominate the calendar.
  • A good “clean” course with no congestion or bottlenecks (particularly at the start).
  • Good infrastructure; venue facilities, road access, parking.
  • No severe restrictions on numbers, land access. This will mainly apply in National Parks.
Please consider giving it a go. Thank you.
Jude Jepson ,
FRA. Championships.

Membership Admin

Remember folks if you move house and you want to continue to get your Fellrunner magazines and annual handbook and fixtures calendar, you also need to update your address in SiEntries by clicking on the Edit/Renew button on the left.
I am also getting several queries from members who have noticed payments leaving their accounts and then being returned.  These are invariably old Standing Orders which will no longer work as subs are now collected by Direct Debit.  If this applies to you then you just need tp cancel the old Standing Order with your bank.

Thanks Charmian

Race Organisers - Documents

Click here to use Jim Godwin's race organiser program