"Events in this Calendar which have been Registered with the FRA are identified by "(R)" after the name of the race in the race details. Most of the listed races in England are Permitted in this way and will take place in accordance with "FRA Safety Requirements and Rules for Competition". Races not identified with "(R)", are included for information only; they are not Registered with the FRA and the FRA cannot vouch for their Permit status."
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Competitors Safety Rules and Equipment

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  • ER - Experience required
  • NS - Navigational Skills Required
  • LK - Local Knowledge an advantage
  • PM - Course Partially Marked

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Races in England

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Date Race Category Country Region
Sat 19/06/10 Reservoir Bogs BM England
Sat 19/06/10 Reservoir Bogs Junior AS England
Sat 19/06/10 Tebay AM England
Sun 20/06/10 Hunshelf Amble BM England
Sun 20/06/10 Settle Hills AM England
Sun 20/06/10 Sutton Pinnacles BS England
Sun 20/06/10 Timothy Taylors Tom Tittiman BS England
Sun 20/06/10 Windy Gyle BM England
Tue 22/06/10 Beacon Batch BS England
Tue 22/06/10 Calton BS England
Wed 23/06/10 Harrock Hill 2 BS England
Wed 23/06/10 Langstrath AS England
Wed 23/06/10 Pontesbury AS England
Wed 23/06/10 Riber Run BS England
Thu 24/06/10 Aggie's Staircase AS England
Thu 24/06/10 Blackamoor Chase BM England
Fri 25/06/10 Jon Clarke Memorial Race AS England
Fri 25/06/10 Tideswell BS England
Sat 26/06/10 Chrome Hill BS England
Sat 26/06/10 Comptons Cross Races CM England
Sat 26/06/10 Eldwick Gala BS England
Sat 26/06/10 Sedbergh 3 Peaks AS England
Sat 26/06/10 Whaley Waltz BS England
Sun 27/06/10 Arnison Dash AS England
Sun 27/06/10 Cronkley BM England
Sun 27/06/10 English Junior Uphill Champs. Unknown England
Sun 27/06/10 Geat Bakewell Pudding Race CM England
Sun 27/06/10 Langley Fete BS England
Sun 27/06/10 Loughrigg And Silverhowe Chase AM England
Sun 27/06/10 North Devon Half Marathon CL England
Sun 27/06/10 North Devon Marathon BL England
Tue 29/06/10 Maybeck 3 Crosses BM England
Wed 30/06/10 Cragg Vale BS England
Wed 30/06/10 Danefield Relay - Change Of Date Relay England
Wed 30/06/10 Eddie's Revenge AS England
Wed 30/06/10 Hope Wakes AS England
Wed 30/06/10 Kirk Ireton Junior Unknown England
Thu 01/07/10 Flan Fell BS England
Thu 01/07/10 Winster BS England
Sat 03/07/10 Charmouth Challenge BM England
Sat 03/07/10 Chevy Chase BL England
Sat 03/07/10 Cliffhanger BS England
Sat 03/07/10 Oakworth Haul BS England
Sat 03/07/10 Saunders Mountain Marathon MM England
Sat 03/07/10 Tockholes BS England
Sat 03/07/10 Wharfedale Ttt Race 2 BL England
Sun 04/07/10 1st Guisecliff Gallop BS England
Sun 04/07/10 Langdale Gala BS England
Sun 04/07/10 Narradale AL England
Sun 04/07/10 Skiddaw AM England