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Boar's Head Race - 5th.June 2019

Contrary to rumours that have been circulating recently the Boar's Head pub has not shut down but is re-opening its doors to the public in its new, re-furbished version this Friday (24th.May).

Consequently the Boar's Head race WILL take place as planned and the pub WILL be the registration and Prizegiving venue. I hope this re-assures intending competitors that their journey will not be in vain.     Dave Jones

Austwick Amble – Monday 27th May (8m/1200ft)

2 local residents and former Austwick Amble race organisers, Mick and Catherine Menday, have kindly put up a £50 bonus if the senior mens or womens course records are broken.  This will be in addition to the £30 prize for the respective race winners.
The current record for men is  48:44 (jointly held by Lee Athersmith in 2013 & Chris Arthur in 2017) and for women it is 56:03 (set by Holly Page in 2015).
Entries are being taken via SiEntries and on the day subject to a race limit of 300.

Great Lakes Fell Race

Entries for Great Lakes Fell Race are now open for those with guaranteed places in English and British Championship races.  The full list of those who qualify for Guaranteed Entry is here (English) and here (British).  To be guaranteed an entry you should enter by 16:00 on Friday 3rd May.  Entries for all remaining places will open at 08:00 on Saturday 4th May and a Waiting List will be used if the event becomes full.

Coaching courses

Fell Trail LiRF Longshaw 16th June
The date of the course has changed to the 8th of June.
Fell Trail LiRF Kendal 12th May
The course is now full, any further applications will be put on a waiting list.

English Championships

Now updated

Disciplinary case (Jim Bennett)

Jim Bennett (unattached) of Middlesbrough has been given a 4-month ban for running alongside an FRA race without a registered entry.
Running in, with or alongside an FRA race without a registered entry is strictly prohibited because of the potential for confusion to be caused to marshals and officials. In particular, the need to ensure that all competitors are accounted for at the end of the race is paramount and this may be jeopardised by unregistered runners.

Boulsworth Hill race - date changed from 3rd April to 23rd October

The RPMRT Boulsworth Hill race has had to be postponed to 23rd October due to access issues. Other details unchanged

Junior Do 2019

Juniors - save this date

20-07-2019 at Marl Pitts - Rossendale Harriers

FRA disciplinary case (Alistair Kent)

Alistair Kent (unattached) of Hindhead, Surrey has been given a 6-month ban for providing false information (previous race experience) to a race organiser.

The ban will run from 1st April to 30th September 2019 inclusive.

Hope Wakes race - date changed to 26th June

Hope Wakes race - date changed to Wednesday 26th June. All other details unchanged

BOFRA Charity relays - date change to 22nd September

The BOFRA Charity Relays are moving to Sunday 22nd September 2019 to avoid clashing with the Up the Nab junior champs. race. All other details will remain the same.

Darren Holloway Memorial Race (Buttermere Horseshoe) change of date to 22nd June

Due to the parking field being unavailable this year, and all other options in Loweswater being unavailable as well we have reluctantly changed the date of the race this year to Saturday 22nd June. Parking will be very limited but we hope through car sharing we will be able to accommodate anyone who wants to run either the long and short race this year. Further information will be published on the CFR website ( once we have firmed up the details, we hope to open up entries on the 1st April now.”
thanks all,

Paddy's Pole race - date change to June 18th

At the request of one of the landowners the Paddy's Pole race date has changed from June 4th to June 18th. Other details unchanged

Disciplinary case & FRA bans

Richard Bell (Wetherby Runners AC) has been given a 3-month ban for running in a race under the name of another runner.
This offence carries significant safety implications and is described as an "absolute no-no" in the FRA's "Runners' Rules". We would encourage all runners to spread this message among your clubs and running friends.

Guaranteed entry lists for the British and English Championships 2019

As previously stated, automatic inclusion, based on 2018 championship results, for:
  • The top 20 men and 10 women
  • The top 5 men and women V40/45
  • The top three men and women from all remaining categories.
Others with a strong case have also been included.  Where a borderline decision had to be made, factors considered were:
  • Recent results against current category medallists
  • Historical performance in and commitment to Championships
  • The FRA’s commitment to encouraging younger athletes to enter the Championships
We have carefully considered the many applicants and tried to fairly apply these criteria.  We recognise there may be some disappointed runners but we will unfortunately not be able to respond to individual queries.  Please remember that the opportunity to enter and the majority of race places are still open to all.  Please click to see the British and the English lists.

Flower Scar – Fell Inter-Counties

The Fell Inter-Counties this year will be hosted by the Flower Scar race (Todmorden).  The date has now been fixed as Saturday 11th May 2019. The race will not be run on its original date of 16th February

Coaching Courses 2019

Please click here for details

GPS devices for navigation

At a meeting in September, the FRA Executive Committee voted to introduce a new race category relating to the use of GPS devices for navigation.
This is not a cut and dried subject and throughout our discussions, the principles of fellrunning have been at the forefront of our thoughts. We have consulted extensively with our membership base and Race Organisers to arrive at the following position, which will form part of the FRA Requirements for Runners 2018 (the ‘Runners’ Rules’):
“If a race is classified ‘non-GPS’ (NG) then the use of any electronic device to delineate a route, to display current position on a map, or as a compass, will be prohibited. The use of such a device to display distance travelled, time, speed or altitude will be allowed, as will recording of an actual route for post-race analysis. If such a device is used in an emergency situation then that competitor should retire from the race and declare themselves non-competitive.”
For the avoidance of doubt, GPS is not allowed in FRA registered races in England unless the race is categorised as "G"; by the race organiser.
The Kit Requirements for FRA Races are further clarified in respect of the fact that maps must be on paper. A conventional compass must be carried in addition to this.
Happy running!
The FRA Committee

A reminder: Club vests

Please note: to qualify for team points in Championship rankings each compeditor must wear the vest that his/her club has registered with British Athletics. This is a ruling of British Athletics to which the FRA is affiliated.
Anyone not wearing the registered club vest will not count for team points in the Championship rankings.
We fully appreciate that in certain weather conditions additional layers may be required.

Membership matters

Each year club membership secretaries complete and submit a return to England Athletics - read more

Championship eligibility clarification.

In response to a question raised by one club other clubs may want to note the following statement.

-          Eligibility for English Juniors over U13 is the same as for English Senior Champs.  Younger age groups in the Challenge only have to be members of the club they run for.

-          Individuals must be registered with EA or members of the FRA.  Some clubs only register (i.e. pay for) members who request it – it is not necessary for a club to pay EA for a member who is has already joined the FRA.  If a runner is registered with EA eligibility is the same no matter which club paid the registration fee.

-          Runners can only count for their first claim fell club, but the inflexibility in the EA/UKA system of administering first/first claim other can cause problems.  The FRA Rules (Handbook page 14) has been amended for 2018 to read

“d. Team eligibility.  Runners may count for a team for their first claim fell running Club only. This Club must be affiliated to England Athletics or other National Association. For runners who are simultaneously members of two clubs, in the event of ambiguity over which club has ‘first claim’ status an appeal should be made to the Membership Secretary at the start of the season”   

The FRA has made a request for a rule change on this issue which is going through the EA/UKA process at the moment, but with no certainty that our proposals will be accepted.


First on the Scene

What to do if you are First on the Scene of an incident on the fells -
essential reading here.

Welfare policy - Transgender and Anti Doping

The Committee have agreed that the FRA will be following the UKA policies on Transgender - and Anti Doping -
This replaces the item in the 2017 Handbook on P 24 Apps 3 and 4 and as previously set out in the Welfare policy - The policy will be updated.


Following the FRA committee meeting on 4/12/16 and in light of recent publicity surrounding historical sexual abuse at football clubs, the committee clarified that any allegations of a similar nature within the sport of fell running will be taken extremely seriously and investigated appropriately.

We have already liaised with UKA and an update and explanation of his role will be provided by the newly appointed Welfare Officer in the Spring Fellrunner.

Any enquiries should be directed to Ed Gamble (